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Latest activityEdit

  • new page Bim
    created by Wilcou
    New page: Bim is the bartender at the Blue Dragon he is a gnome.
  • new page Barrow
    created by Wilcou
    New page: a barrow a Dragonborn mercenary hired by a random Merchant an Unlucky One on their way to Silver Hall. Was ambushed by a werewolf quote and quote and...
  • new page Fizzbang
    created by Wilcou
    New page: his bhang is a mute gnomish wizard from farhaven. He is second in command of tygarts gang of Heroes. He was born mute. This caused him great...
  • new page Taggert
    created by Wilcou
    New page: Taggarts is the leader of a team of Heroes from farhaven and represents Lord starling. He is a stoic and decisive leader, aided by his...
  • new page Erathia
    created by Wilcou
    New page: the land of Arimathea is wide and varied. It consists of many lands and Lords of varying race and alignment. It is ruled over by King heart. Is a...
  • new page Baron von Kraken
    created by Wilcou
    New page: Baron von Kraken is the leader of his own lands, which his family use irked from the Chasers. Both families have histories of using Magic for their...
  • new page Far Haven
    created by Wilcou
    New page: a small town surrounded partially by a wall, mostly inhabited by gnomes and Dwarfs. Lord Stirling is the local leadership. Population 350. Local...
  • edit Silverhall
    edited by Wilcou diff
  • new page Garden Hill
    created by Wilcou
    New page: Village between Baron von Kraken's Castle and Skull Fortress. Burned to the ground by St. Rury shortly before his death. Only known survivor, Summer,...
  • edit St. Rury
    edited by Wilcou diff

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